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New Tattoo? Show it Some Love to Avoid Infection & Optimize the Ink!
At work and at play, tattoos have joined beards as an 

acceptable form of self-expression. We share some fun tat facts and aftercare rules for protecting your latest piece of body art.

We Wish You a Tassie Christmas
If you’ve never visited Tasmania for the holidays, consider joining us in 2021, (after the world has returned to normal). It’s a fantastic, warm-weather mix of parties, unique cuisine, challenging athletic events, lights, trees and wonderful shopping!
Tasmanian Businesses We Love: Tassie Timber Things

Working with Huon Pine, Sassafras, Banksia and other Unique Tasmanian Plants and Trees, Simon Stanbridge Turns Everyday Objects Into Functional Art.

The MOVEMBER Challenge
If you’re clean-shaven, have you ever wondered what you might look like with a moustache?
It’s Time to Clean Out that Closet, Mate!
Blokes, it’s your mess. So don’t point a finger at a certain Japanese tidiness guru because your closet’s a waking nightmare.
Tasmanian Businesses We Love: Chameleon Glass
Some Tassie-based creatives are local treasures we’ve managed to keep to ourselves, but a few others have developed a truly international fan base.
Tassie Rainforests Grow Some Awesome, Ancient Trees

Carpenters and artisans alike love the strong, beautiful wood sourced from these almost Biblically-enduring conifers.

Tassie Timber Bow Ties With An International Following
True men’s style means knowing when to take chances. Bow ties can be fun, but too often they’re identified with academia or stuffy professions.
The Outs and the Ins of Starting Your First Beard
Growing a beard is both a leap and crawl of faith. You'll be making a new statement about yourself. That's the leap. That statement is going to take its time. Hence, "the crawl."
From Digestion to Skin Care, the Many Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
Long known as a folk remedy, the magic of apple cider vinegar has been rediscovered in the 21st Century, as a supplement to treat many illnesses and a natural wrinkle-fighting skin alternative.
Uniquely Tasmanian Businesses We Love: Organic Blades
Tasmania is home to many unique, talented artisans with a commitment to creating sustainable products with indigenous ingredients and materials, salvaged, and recycled materials.
Invest in Quality Shoes and Boots!
If you’re working hard to impress someone – a potential employer or the possible love of your life – don’t let your shoes be the deal-breaker.
Essential Facts to Know During Men’s Health Month
June is Men’s Health Month and Professor Fuzzworthy is celebrating with great discount offers on exciting new products, plus content on important aspects of men’s health.
Hot? Handsome? - Why growing a beard is healthy

According to a piece published in Psychology Today, research showed that women find men with facial hair to be dominant, both socially and physically, and generally more attractive.

From prehistoric Gondwana land to gourmet shops, Tassie trees produce the planet's finest honey
A product so popular that supply often runs short of worldwide demand, the world's best-tasting honey begins with the snowy blossoms of Leatherwood trees indigenous to Tasmania's isolated rainforests.
The secrets of consignment shopping for men
Listen mate, if you’re old enough to drive yourself to the mall, you’re too old to be buying all your clothes there, paying full price for mid-range fashions that everyone else is wearing.